Here's another one from Charles Garofalo:
"Strange firefly-like lights hovering in space attract the curosity of astronaughts. Unfortunately, when a scientist goes up to to investigate the phenomena, the lights enter his ship and transform into mist-men, gaseous space aliens who've seen all the 1950s science fiction films and know just how to take over earthmen's bodies. They accompany him back to earth and start taking over people, making them commit sabotage of the worst sort (a disturbing premonition of the real future with its anthrax scares, one fellow puts deadly germs in the reservior), and killing people strong enough to resist their will. Astroboy not only has to contend with the mist-men (they can't take over robots) but with Inspector Gumshoe, who thinks his well-intentioned actions are the actions of a rogue robot. This is the first show where Gumshoe acts like J. Jonah Jameson to Astroboy's Spiderman."
Thanks very much for another great entry, Charles!